Privacy Policy

Your privacy is taken very seriously and it is our sole duty to take care of your personal information. Your personal information is the information about you that is personally identifiable like your name or email address and that information will not be publicly available in any way. I guarantee that your private information will not be sold out to any company for marketing and or for any promotional purposes of any kind.

No information is gathered while navigating our website and you are not required to reveal any personal information in any way. You can submit your personal information like your name or email address only when you have any queries and or suggestions. So it lies in your own discretion to submit your personal information or not.

We do not collect any sensitive financial information, all transactions and financial information are processed by our payment provider Paypal. Paypal's privacy policy does not reflect our own privacy policy are are completely different from us at and all our affiliate websites. If you would like to visit Paypal's privacy policy, visit

We treat your private information with the utmost care, secrecy and respect. Any private information collected by for the sole intent of business communication if needed.

We request you to review the policy from time to time because it is in our sole discretion that we may amend and/or append our policy at any time.